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Nathan M Codd

web development / tech consulting

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about me

Hi! My name is Nathan. I live in San Francisco, and I love cooking, music, and helping people with anything computer-related.

I began my working career as a bartender with a love for computer science and web design as hobbies, but after learning how much of my skills I could apply to a job in the IT field, I enrolled in a certification course through Google. While I miss the experience of meeting a person for the first time,

talking with them casually, and deciding what their perfect cocktail would be for their situation, this process is not so different. After a brief chat, I am confident that we can discover the perfect mixture to satisfy your tech needs.

Is your laptop or desktop computer acting up? Let me take a look. Want a sweet website for your business? Great idea. Do you have professional photos we can use? We can do that, too. Pull up a chair... let's chat.